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Ben Jarvie

Kiwi Bitcoiner and writer working at Amber App.
April 29, 2024

The Economic Violence of the New Zealand State and the RBNZ with Ben Jarvie

Ben Jarvie is a writer and kiwi Bitcoiner working for Amber App, a Bitcoin-only exchange. We talk about Ben’s recent travels to El Salvador and Madeira, and we reflect on the declining situation of my beloved home country, New Zealand, and in particular the economic violence that the State and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand continues to unleash upon the people through its egregious manipulation of the money. But that said, we know that Bitcoin fixes this, and we are here to build bridges and meet people where they are at!

April 7, 2023

Māori Sovereignty and Self-determination Through Bitcoin with Ben Jarvie

Today I talk with Ben Jarvie. Ben is a Bitcoiner working for Amber App, a Bitcoin-only exchange, and he is also a writer. In this episode we talk about a piece that Ben wrote for Bitcoin magazine titled "New Zealand's Past, Pūtea, and Future: CBDC vs Bitcoin".