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Brad Henderson

Head of Engineering and Design at ElectroNet.

April 22, 2024

Bitcoin Mining, Solar Power, and Energy Sovereignty with Brad Henderson

I talk with Brad Henderson, a Power System Engineer and Head of Engineering and Design at ElectroNet, a New Zealand-owned consultancy firm. Brad share some exciting details about a new Bitcoin mining facility that his firm has been involved with on the West Coast of New Zealand. We discuss what energy sovereignty might mean for New Zealand, including the importance of electrifying the economy and how Bitcoin mining and solar power may help create energy abundance.

May 26, 2023

The New Zealand Power Grid and Bitcoin with Mike Lazelle and Brad Henderson

Today I talk with Mike Lazelle, Founder & VP at Red Phase, a New Zealand-based EV fast charging startup, and Brad Henderson Head of Engineering and Design at ElectroNet. Both of my guests are Bitcoiners and have an extensive background working in the energy sector in New Zealand and abroad. We talk about how the NZ grid and electricity market works, and some of the details of how new generations assets are built, and what the future of energy infrastructure might look like in New Zealand.