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G Sovereignty

G Sovereignty is host of the popular Nostr podcast Nostrovia, and is also building Nostrocket.
July 2, 2024

Bitcoin vs. The State: Four Phases of War with G Sovereignty

I talk with G Sovereignty, a Bitcoiner based in Hong Kong and developing applications on Nostr as well as host of the Nostrovia Podcast. We talk about a presentation that G gave titled Bitcoin vs. The State: Four Phases of War, exploring the power dynamics of Bitcoin, its security model, and the steps that the state may enact as it begins to comprehend the true implications of Bitcoin upon its exorbitant privileges. We also discuss the future of Bitcoin-powered economies and what these might look like.

November 24, 2023

China, Nostr, Bitcoin, and Humanity's Potential with gSovereignty

I talk with gSovereignty, based in Hong Kong, going deep into questions about individual sovereignty and freedom. We also discuss the relationship with the legacy nation state and how Bitcoin and Nostr may interface with collectivist societies such as China. We talk about the Hong Kong protests, the dynamics of state and media, and Bitcoin’s eventual showdown with the Cantillon Pyramid. We also talk about G’s work in Nostr, including running the Nostrovia podcast, and building nostr.rocket – helping Bitcoiners organise projects in a way that is not beholden to the state.