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James Viggiano

February 19, 2024

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Money Printer with James Viggiano

I talk with James Viggiano about recent comments made by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Not soon after we spoke, James shared a clip that went viral of the governor talking frankly about the exorbitant privilege of money printing that the central banks and governments have. James and I talk about some of the game theory from the perspective of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to defend the Kiwi Dollar and their attempts to talk down inflation, and shift the narrative even as the cost of living crisis continues. We also talk about the opportunity for what New Zealand could look like on a Bitcoin standard and how that could interface with the legacy financial system.

July 14, 2023

Surviving in Orange with James Viggiano

We talk about Jame Viggiano's project Orange, which hosts a server in the popular multiplayer survival game “Rust”, where you can trade and learn about Bitcoin, have virtual meetups, and complete missions to earn sats.