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Prince Filip of Serbia

Hereditary Prince of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Filip has a background in Finance and Macroeconomics, and has worked in asset management for nearly a decade. Filip believes in freedom and the new Renaissance that Bitcoin enables for Serbia and the world.
January 29, 2024

Bitcoin Adoption by Nation States with Prince Filip of Serbia

Prince Filip of Serbia is a prominent Bitcoiner, and Chief Strategy Officer at Jan3. We talk about Prince Filip's work at Jan3 engaging in high-level conversations about Bitcoin with nation-state leaders as well as his thoughts on monarchy, democracy, and culture. We discuss the role of Bitcoin and sound money and the chance presented for smaller countries such as Serbia and New Zealand to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. I also extend an invitation to Prince Filip and the Jan3 team to come visit and help spread awareness about what Bitcoin could mean for New Zealand, in particular its connection to energy and infrastructure.