July 28, 2023

Melbourne Bitcoiners: Education, Meetups, Projects, and Spaces with Kieran Nolan & Chris Pollard

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Show Notes

I talk with Kieran Nolan and Chris Pollard, two Bitcoiners based in Melbourne, Australia.

Kieran Nolan is a Bitcoin educator. He is the technology specialist at a primary school in Australia, teaching Bitcoin and STEM topics, including getting Andreas Antonopoulos to do a video lesson with his students

Kieran is also part of the theschoolofbitcoin.com, blockchain academy international, and other projects.

Chris Pollard joins us a little bit later on the episode and is active in helping organise the Bitcoin meetups in Melbourne, running bitcoinonly.store, as well leading a new project to create a permanent bitcoin space: unspent.space.

With both my guests I was blown away by the range of impactful projects they are working on.

“Every school in Australia and New Zealand should be running a node.”

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Kieran Nolan on Twitter - ⁠https://twitter.com/KieranDNolan⁠

Kieran website - ⁠https://kdnolan.com/⁠

Chris Pollard on Twitter - ⁠https://twitter.com/bi_t_crispy⁠

Bitcoinonly.store (Use discount code: TTOV) - ⁠https://bitcoinonly.store/⁠

Unspent.space - ⁠https://unspent.space/⁠

Oshi Gallery - ⁠https://medium.com/@oshi.gallery⁠

The School of Bitcoin - ⁠https://theschoolofbitcoin.com/⁠

Mornington Peninsula Bitcoiners - ⁠https://peninsulabitcoin.com/⁠

Bitcoin Bush Bash - ⁠https://bitcoinbushbash.info/⁠

Wallet of Satoshi - ⁠https://www.walletofsatoshi.com/⁠

Blockchain Academy International - ⁠https://www.bcai.edu.au/⁠

Fox Hotel Melbourne - ⁠https://thefoxhotel.com.au/⁠

Nick Farrow - ⁠https://nickfarrow.com/

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