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Kieran Nolan

Bitcoin Educator based in Melbourne, Australia.
March 11, 2024

Building Open-Source and Decentralised Classrooms with Kieran Nolan

I talk with Kieran Nolan about his work combining Bitcoin, teaching, and open-source technology. Kieran’s official role is STEM Wizard, teaching at a primary school in Melbourne, Australia. He has been able to bring tech and learning together into the classroom, including helping kids to run Bitcoin nodes, building projects on Nostr, setting up Minecraft servers with other schools, and more. We discuss teaching and learning, and how kids can be better equiped for our rapidly changing world as well as the challenges with bureaucracy and standards-based education in government schools. Kieran is involved in a huge range of other Bitcoin and education projects including the Mornington Peninsula Bitcoin Group, The School of Bitcoin, the Digital Playhouse Foundation, and more.

July 28, 2023

Melbourne Bitcoiners: Education, Meetups, Projects, and Spaces with Kieran Nolan & Chris Pollard

I talk with Kieran Nolan and Chris Pollard, two Bitcoiners based in Melbourne, Australia. Kieran Nolan is a Bitcoin educator. He is the technology specialist at a primary school in Australia, teaching Bitcoin and STEM topics, including getting Andreas Antonopoulos to do a video lesson with his students Kieran is also part of the, blockchain academy international, and other projects. Chris Pollard join us a little bit later on the episode and is active in helping organise the Bitcoin meetups in Melbourne, running, as well leading a new project to create a permanent bitcoin space: With both my guests I was blown away by the range of impactful projects they are working on.