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Antony Dapiran

Antony Dapiran is a Hong Kong-based writer and lawyer, and the author of two books, including City on Fire: The Fight for Hong Kong which was long-listed for the Walkley Book Award (2020). His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, New Statesman, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, South China Morning Post and elsewhere. He is a regular commentator on television and radio, including BBC, CNN, CNBC and Australia's ABC.
May 27, 2024

City On Fire: The Hong Kong Protests, Censorship, and Money with Antony Dapiran

I speak with Antony Dapiran, a prominent Australian lawyer and award-winning author, who has become widely known for his writing and commentary on the protest movement in Hong Kong and the reaction from the State. We talk about his book City On Fire: The Fight for Hong Kong, we explore the history of the city and its unique monetary and political situation, as well as the role of censorship, Bitcoin, freedom technology, and more.